How to authenticate

To authenticate your request, you will need to provide an authentication token with the required permissions. You can request an authentication token through email.

After creating a token, you can authenticate your request by sending the token in the X-BANKLESS-TOKEN header of your request. For example, in the following request, replace YOUR-TOKEN with a reference to your token:

curl --request GET \
--url " \

Validate your authentication

You can validate your token performing by visiting the authentication endpoint.

Example Request

curl --request GET \
--url " \

This will result in the id of your token, as well as your current permission. Available permissions:



Example Response

    clientId: "bankless",
    id: "fbcc076f-3b9a-4be3-9e84-4a63dc779829",
    permissions: [
    config: {
      max_requests_per_minute: 300

Rate Limits

A default rate limit of 300 calls per minute is enforced on a per key basis. On every authenticated request, the x-ratelimit-remaining header is returned. The header indicates how many requests you still have remaining for the minute.

x-ratelimit-remaining: 295

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