Submit a Claimable

Any Claimables we add are fully vetted by our team, both ethically and technically, to determine the legitimacy and reliability of a project and its Claimable. This means that all users of Claimables can be re-assured that any assets, links and other content surfaced are trustworthy. We believe in quality over quantity!

If you'd like to submit a Claimable for us to consider, please email with the following details:

Details about your project

Include details such as the name of your project, what the project does, why it's providing the Claimable, along with the type of Claimable. For example, is it an airdrop, a mint, a reward, something else? We'd also need to know if the Claimable expires. Please also include any imagery, such as an icon.

Our Claimables documentation provides details of the fields we supply via our API, which may provide some more helpful context. There's also a screenshot below demonstrating how a Claimable appears in our product.

Eligibility details

We need to know which wallets are eligible for this Claimable, and on which chain.

Ideally, you'll supply us with:

  • Allowlist of eligible address, with a merkle tree, and with a token amount where applicable

  • Onchain verified contract, with a function we can use to determine if an address has claimed or not

If that isn't possible, then ideally you'll supply us with an API endpoint which we can send a wallet address to that returns:

  1. True/false for if address is eligible

  2. True/false for if address is claimed

  3. # of Tokens address is eligible for

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