What is a Claimable?

A Claimable is an onchain asset or action that a wallet is eligible to "claim", such as an airdrop, reward, POAP, or mint it has qualified for. We also cover expiring ENS names.

How are Claimables sourced?

We pride ourselves on only adding Claimables from trusted suppliers. All Claimables are vetted both ethically and technically before getting added to ensure that the project is legitimate, to validate liquidity (if applicable), and to ensure we're not adding a scam.

Your and your users can trust that any information coming from Claimables (and Quests) is trustworthy. We focus on quality.

If you have a Claimable to add, reach out to api@bankless.com to find out more.


What is a Quest?

A Quest is a task, usually onchain - but not always, that is recommended for the owner of a wallet to perform to further advance their journey into crypto and going Bankless.

This could be anything from getting someone started onchain, ranging all the way to recommending airdrop hunts from our Airdrop Hunter.

What types of Quests are there?

As explained in What is a Quest?, a Quest is a task - however, these are broken down into three core types:

  • Hunt: A Quest which may provide qualification for a future airdrop or distribution of some kind.

  • Learn: A Quest that will teach the user something new that is important to their Bankless and onchain journey.

  • Earn: A Quest which results in a more guaranteed profit opportunity, such as earning yield or rewards.

You'll see these returned in the type field in the Quests API response.

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